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Rivero-Sanz, Tatiana

Tatiana Rivero Sanz, artist name “tana”, a “Canadian-Spaniard” born originally in Barcelona, living now in Vancouver, Canada.

Art Photographer, whose photos are a blend between photography, painting, sculpture, poetry and performance art. She first creates an installation, a “theatre stage” in her studio, a dream space where she paints the walls until they become abstract canvases… then, she works on a visual symbol: a sculpture (one or two), that captures the theme of the installation. The aim is to create a space outside reality, to evoke inner longings, nightmare obsessions. 

Once there is a stage, the performance art experience can begin. The protagonist, herself or someone else, dances, walks… reacts to the setting. This part of the process is open to the unexpected, just needs to be “real”. Tana, in front of the camera or behind the tripod, let’s emotions flow.