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Paquin, Pauline

Her passion for painting is first and foremost fueled by her love of children.  Nothing fascinates her more than watching children playing their games and interacting with them.  Witnessing childhood beauty in paint is what enchants her most.

Developing this talent at a very young age and naturally gifted for drawing, a talent she thinks comes from her mother, she is always willing to acquire knowledge; her taste for painting will later lead her to many fine art courses.  It is not until she meets her neighbour Marcel Fecteau, a well-known landscape painter, that her career  really takes off.  At seeing her interest, Fecteau  gives her a book on drawing and painting and encourage her by giving her advise in her first endeavours. 

Observant and skillful, she progresses rapidly.  One day, upon seeing a painting by Fecteau of children leaving school, she is magically inspired to paint children.  The scene is of such quality and beauty, it constitutes the essential part of her painting.  Urban or country, it is a pretence to depict joyful and playful children.  Paquin has had the opportunity to be exhibited among the most prestigious galleries in Quebec and Canada.