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Latour, Arcade

Arcade Latour probably fell into a cauldron of the stuff when he was a little boy. Indeed, it was among the discarded inks of a neighbourhood print shop that, as a youngster, he discovered a new, magical medium offering vibrant colours and thick, malleable textures. Thus, on cardboard brought back by his father from the menswear store where he worked, the young Arcade started experimenting with ink. He was at once fascinated by the wondrous forms and colours that his deft fingers were able to coax from this unexpected medium. From then on, ink was not to leave Arcade Latour’s existence.

Arcade Latour has worked all his life in creative endeavours. Graphic art, design and publishing successively ensured he was never far away the typical odour of fresh printing ink.

Mindful of its environmental footprint, the Montreal plant has developed over the years an ink recycling program. It is from the ink yielded through this program that Mr. Latour finds the inks that he uses in his paintings.