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Klette, Denyse

Since she was in grade four, she knew she was going to be an artist. So sure of herself, she announced to her parents that she would now quit school and start her career.That was over 40 years ago.Since then she has devoted her life to art and creativity.

She as had the privilege to mentor with amazing artist, sculpt for The Body Shop and Disney Canada, hang numerous pieces in loves of 5 star hotels, paint portraits of wonderful people and see her art turned into books and a children’s TV show.

In 2011, She signed with Mark Freedman of Surge Licensing which has taken her art to a whole new level. With Mark’s experience of building the multibillion dollar entertainment property of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, they have enjoyed building her art into a brand that is used on everyday items from fabric to food labels and purses to puzzles