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Julien, Louis

Timeless and recognize by their vibrant colours, Julien’s creations are inspired by long away times.  A symbiotic alliance between the elements provoques a  internal struggle in the viewer.

His research inevitably attracts him toward a destiny on the tragedy and melancholy of the misunderstood world.  The abandonment and hopelessness reunite in order to create the tumultuous image of his spirit.

A change in his work guides him toward a tendency to  abstraction.

He lets himself be guided by the charisma of “support”. The images come to him with such force that he knows that he cannot do anything else but to surrender to their power.

The birth of the equilibrium between his creative juices and the finished painting will be natural and without effort.

His quest to deform the reality of today, brings him to modify the direction of his work.  Armed with his past achievements, he can now surpass the limits of language and formality.  In consequence, he can explore new frontiers, allowing the viewer to discover the abstraction of reality within his paintings

Every painting dissimulates a landscape, hidden, concealed, the painting is reborn for a second and third time, leaving the viewer the desired latitude to find at his own discretion the mystery of the said “truth”.