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Douville, Denis

Douville, a prominent wildlife sculptor, continues his quest to represent the beauty and the purity of nature.

Every sculpture created by his gifted hands, delights the viewer, by enabling him to observe a wildlife story captured in time.  No details are ever overlooked.  From the ears erect to capture a sound, to the eyes on the look-out for danger, to the mouth twisted to expose the fangs, to the positioning of the neck, feet, tail indicating intention, the expression and the mouvement of his subject are the result of great dedication to  perfection, a perfection that has become is trademark. 

One can sense that symbiotic relationship that he as with nature.  Douville was born and raised on a farm.  After all these years he undoubtedly retains his love of nature and animals.   He starts every project with a sense of adventure and knowledge.  He will take the time to watch different documentaries and study his new subject in order to become one with the animal before attempting to render him.    

As a result of his notoriety, his work can now be found worldwide.