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Cloutier, Sylvie

Cloutier embodies the amalgamation of  abstract images, different shapes and various colours.  Through her capable hands they all come together in order to create work that is at the same time intriguing, suggestive, convivial and even disconcerting.  

In her creative world, sometimes music intervenes, not in the shape of an instrument nor a clearly identified note, but, by the rhythm and cadence that often is released from the painting.   

For more than fifteen years, the artist experiments and continues her search in order to represent her passion for the shape in space.  Circles, squares and rectangles are aligned, criss-crossed, superimposed to welcome the movement and the spontaneity.  The subjects are as varied as the eyes that look at the painting.  The artist suggests, the onlooker interprets, within the the context that unite them. 

Discipline, energy and bursting creativity make Cloutier a passionate contemporary abstract painter, always in search of new pictorial challenges.