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novem fine art

Bachand, Danyelle

  I seek an access path, a "surface of penetration" at the receiver of the work that sets a quick moment of alarm. A kind of stop in time likely to eject the viewer of its external world, and to lead him to a short moment of synchrony with himself. In short, to make the viewer share a quick, fulgurating, but fugacious moment of an emotive reaction. I use my hands as a link between my own interiority and the emotion that I want to make emerge from the work. This privileged connection enables me to handle the main direction of the unvoiced comment of the work and I try to give it an intense visual capacity with the support of texture. The texture thus becomes the language of the work; it reveals its secrecies by the subtle intervention of the marks left by the mortar or by the scars impressed on the support. All these elements support the base of my questioning. They form an indissociable unit to undertake a coherent search on returned emotion and of its poetic impact on the viewer.